Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello World :)

I have not been lax in writing (well ok, maybe i have lol) but the truth is...my left hand does not cooperate on the keyboard, and I wind up doing everything one handed...which is a major pain!
But, I know that I have to keep you informed so you don't think the worst...DON'T THINK THE WORST! :)

I have now had two rounds of my new chemo, and what can i say...I feel pretty darn good! So I am praying that it is doing what it's supposed to be doing. (You may all pray for the same thing lol) The strangest thing though, my hair has begun to grow back..YES while on chemo! I talked to my doctor last week about it, and as we all know, every chemo is different, and this one doesn't seem to affect hair growth :) I have been happily leaving the house with a fuzzy head, and loving every minute of it. I decided that bald men don't get any stares, do the heck with everyone else, and let me be the one to "educate" people on (semi) bald ladies!

My arm has its ups and downs, which it will sadly always have, but I am learning to deal with my new "normal," and Steve has become my own personal lymphedema massage therapist, and he helps me every night. xox I am just thankful for warmer weather, because short sleeves are so much easier with a wrapped up arm. I do not have to wear X large baggy shirts, and have actually gone out looking like a real person and not a homeless bag lady!

I will be having another chemo treatment a week from Thursday and then more than likely, yet another PET scan. Let's hope there is nothing but good news at that time.

My daughter Rachel is on her way home from college, and is now officially a SENIOR! I am so glad to have her home for the summer! My sister is coming to visit in a couple of weeks as well.

She will be here for the "Race for the Cure" in Detroit, which I will be attending! Jessica and her boyfriend will be coming in from Chicago as well. I am inviting ALL OF MY FRIENDS to come and join us on our walk on MAY 21. If you are in the Detroit area, I would love to have you join us! All you need is to wear PINK and some comfortable shoes for the walk. If you would like to "officially" register, you can (and will get a cool t shirt!) at:


but it is not necessary to register. Bring your strollers with your little ones, your friends and family, or just bring YOU! Help join the thousands that will be in attendance to show your support for ENDING THIS HORRIBLE DISEASE!! Hope to see you there! You can email me (jlj914@gmail.com) and let me know if you would like to join us, and we can all meet at the race (which is a walk lol) or even car pool.

I will try hard to update more frequently...now that Rachel will be home...she can be my typist!

Love to all,


  1. stay the strong person I know you to be! I too, have been making a lot of lemonade from all the lemons coming my way. I am so glad we met in Feb.

  2. Hi Mrs Sheiman,
    Lauren and I saw you at Race for the cure but we couldn't get to you through the crowd. When we first got there Lauren wondered if she would see you. We think about you and pray for you daily! I'm so glad I found your blog so I can keep in touch.