Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Repeat after me...


Wow, does that sound good! Hard to believe that it was January when I began. Snow was everywhere (remember when I fainted in my backyard in the snow!) and now the sun is shining and the grass is green. The chemo chapter ends today and the surgery chapter will begin in 21 days. (once again, I'm counting) I do have to head back to camp chemo on Monday for a check up and I will also see my plastic surgeon that same day. What are my plans for the upcoming 21 days? Well, I'm taking a ROAD TRIP! You all know that my daughter Carly graduated several weeks ago and even though she did graduate she has one class left to take and the class is in Los Angeles! La La land, home of Rodeo Drive and the excessively rich and beautiful people. She will be taking a four week class at Raleigh Studios.

(Raleigh Studios is the longest continuously operating studio in the country. Raleigh's entertainment companies comprise the largest independent studio and production support operation in the Nation. Not bad, huh?!)

Since she needs to get to Hollywood, I have volunteered to be her co-captain in what is sure to be the road trip of the century! lol Hey, I just need to get the "heck out of here" before I'm once again tied down from surgery, recovery, and radiation (EVERY day for 6 weeks). Besides, what's a mom for! :-) Stay tuned to the blog where I will report from the road (hopefully).

Also in the works for the next 21 days is my youngest daughter, Rachel, leaving to the Berkshire mountains in Mass. for her summer job as a camp counselor, and my oldest daughter, Jessica, coming home for my surgery and then a friend's wedding. No rest for the weary (in this case chemo weary lol)

So dear friends, one chapter ends, and another begins. But isn't this what life is about? Thanks for your continued support and love. I could NOT do this without any of you.

XOX Joanne

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Only one treatment left!!!

Hello All!

I can now say: ONE MORE CHEMO TREATMENT TO GO!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Sorry, just a LITTLE excited! :-)

It was fairly quiet at camp chemo this past Tuesday. By 11:00 the morning "gang" had left, and the afternoon "gang" hadn't showed up yet. I looked up at one point and it was just me and one other camper down on the other side of the room. In a very strange turn of events, there was a woman getting treated next to me when I first arrived, and her husband was keeping her company. We began to chat (doesn't take much to get me started lol) and it turned out that he had been the principal of MY elementary school for a very long time and retired the year before I began there! HOW STRANGE IS THAT! Of course we knew many people in common and it made the time go by quickly. When they finally got up to leave, I realized that the woman had been DONE with her treatment and they had just stuck around to talk with me. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with them, and it IS a very small world!

I also wanted to share a lovely poem that my sister sent to me, I think you will like it.

I Will Wear Pink

With pride

In celebration of those who have won their battle

Looking forward to the future, when one day we will find a cure

Living well, Loving much, and Laughing often

With excitement over the advances we have made

Eagerly awaiting the advancements yet to come


Remembering those that we have lost

Promising to show my support

In honor of all of those currently fighting the battle

Never giving up….

Knowing that There Is Hope!

Hope that put a smile on your face...I know it did on mine!

Have a great week!