Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sleeping Beauty did not sleep

Greetings everyone! :-) Round 4 yesterday went well except for the VERY long wait to actually get into camp chemo. I signed in at the office and had to wait at least 25 minutes to be called inside. The office was FULL of people waiting for their loved ones, but nothing compared to the actual chemo room. EVERY chair was filled but one, and that one would be mine. (this is a very sad reflection that so many people are in need of the services of this room) The nurses all seemed a bit flustered and were working even harder than usual. Lisa, my nurse, got things going for me, and I had Carly, the budding documentary maker, with me inside filming my every move. I can't wait to see this documentary that she is making with her friend Karen for a school project. She filmed IV tubes, blood being drawn, chemo chemicals dripping from the bag, you name it, she filmed it! It should be great. I will be posting her finished film here on the blog next month. (it will run a whopping five minutes after all of her editing) I'm sure we will all be waiting anxiously! :-) The best part of camp chemo yesterday was that I didn't fall into my benadryl coma because....I DIDN'T GET ANY! Hooray! When Lisa came by with the "sleeping potion" I rolled my eyes and made a noise under my breath. She very astutely said, "I don't have to give you the benadryl if you don't want it." WHAT!? Of course I don't want it, but I asked her why I'm given it in the first place. She told me it was to prevent reactions. (I have no idea WHAT kind of reactions) She then said that since I've had three rounds already, I would know if I had reactions and since I haven't had any at all, she felt it was safe for me not to take it. I said, "No thanks then!" and happily stayed awake talking to Jessica who had also come home with Carly for the weekend. Everything was finished by 1:30 (I get there at 10:30) and we left happily and for once I was not in a "fog" walking outside! Happy days, 4 down 8 to go! :-)

Joanne (back to drinking Earl Grey Green Tea)


  1. You're half way through the round! Nice.
    Way to go Joanne!
    (Shannon W)

  2. Glad to hear it all went so well! Whoo hoo! Half way there!

  3. Full speed ahead, keep up the good work!