Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Repeat after me...


Wow, does that sound good! Hard to believe that it was January when I began. Snow was everywhere (remember when I fainted in my backyard in the snow!) and now the sun is shining and the grass is green. The chemo chapter ends today and the surgery chapter will begin in 21 days. (once again, I'm counting) I do have to head back to camp chemo on Monday for a check up and I will also see my plastic surgeon that same day. What are my plans for the upcoming 21 days? Well, I'm taking a ROAD TRIP! You all know that my daughter Carly graduated several weeks ago and even though she did graduate she has one class left to take and the class is in Los Angeles! La La land, home of Rodeo Drive and the excessively rich and beautiful people. She will be taking a four week class at Raleigh Studios.

(Raleigh Studios is the longest continuously operating studio in the country. Raleigh's entertainment companies comprise the largest independent studio and production support operation in the Nation. Not bad, huh?!)

Since she needs to get to Hollywood, I have volunteered to be her co-captain in what is sure to be the road trip of the century! lol Hey, I just need to get the "heck out of here" before I'm once again tied down from surgery, recovery, and radiation (EVERY day for 6 weeks). Besides, what's a mom for! :-) Stay tuned to the blog where I will report from the road (hopefully).

Also in the works for the next 21 days is my youngest daughter, Rachel, leaving to the Berkshire mountains in Mass. for her summer job as a camp counselor, and my oldest daughter, Jessica, coming home for my surgery and then a friend's wedding. No rest for the weary (in this case chemo weary lol)

So dear friends, one chapter ends, and another begins. But isn't this what life is about? Thanks for your continued support and love. I could NOT do this without any of you.

XOX Joanne


  1. Congrats! I know you are so so so happy to be finished with chemo. Have a great roadtrip.

  2. This is huge Joanne! It is such a major milestone to be done with chemo!! It does seem eons ago that you fainted in the snow - and now, green grass and new beginnings :) I'm very excited for your road trip! I really mean this - if you and Carly would like a pit stop (either over night or just for a quick hello) and it is on your route, please come see me! We are on the coast, 4 hours north of LA in San Luis Obispo.

  3. Joannne,
    I am so happy for you to be finally done with chemo!!! It has been a difficult road but you have perservered woman!!! Have a great time on your trip, you deserve it.
    xoxxo Susan

  4. I am bursting pink pride for you today my friend... such an inspiration... I wish I could just wrap my arms around you and hug you! I am sure you 2 beautiful ladies will have a FAB time on your road trip... you have definitely earned the R&R... and some shopping with those rich and famous folks! Still lifting you up, and knowing that wherever you are, God's love and mercy is too... bless you my friend!!!

  5. CONGRATS!!!! That's fabulous! I heard you would be passing through Dallas on this fabulous roadtrip before heading back home. Would love to see you and give you a congratulatory hug when you are here.

  6. And I have to say, "dahling, you look fabulous!" So great to see you at our Relay meeting last night...I am excited to hear about your next chapter. What a great way to celebrate between chemo chapters.
    Hugs and more hugs!

  7. Whoo hoo! Big time happy dance time!!! Wow!! The last one! I can't believe it. So, now the big question is... will you be living at Starbuck's now?

    Silliness aside, I feel honored to have gotten to know you even better through your on-line diary. You are simply an amazing woman, Joanne! Have a wonderful time on your road trip and I look forward to hearing about your Great Adventure!