Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I think thank you's are in order

Good morning everyone :-)

Well, a week has passed since I told all of you about the new "regime" lined up for me that will keep me cancer free. (yeah!) I can honestly tell you that I've ridden the roller coaster of emotions in the past week. In fact, you could say that at one point on my ride, the cart derailed, crashed, and burned. Yes, it was that bad. But....I've found my way out, and can honestly say that it was my family and friends (yes that means all of you) that helped me find my way back.

It seems unbelievable that my journey started only seven months ago. Boy, does it SEEM longer than that. What I thought was going to be my journey's end in a short amount of time, is now not to be. But that's ok now. I'm really not sure why I was chosen to travel this path. The reason may be clear one day, or maybe I'll never know. What I do know is how much I have to live for and that in itself is what keeps me going and brings me up when I'm feeling low. I think it takes a disease like cancer to make you think about priorities and what's important. It all boils down to what kind of person you are and how you choose to live your life. It's a good thing that I've always been a "glass half full" kind of person!

It's really hard to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. But I would like to try my best to thank:

1. EVERYONE that has been reading my blog and following my story
2. Family and friends that have left me words of encouragement on the blog
3. Friends who don't (or can't figure out how) to read the blog but STILL take the time to email
me to find out how I'm doing (you know who you are... and so do I! lol)
4. Friends that check in with me by phone instead of emailing
5. Friends that take the time to send me cards (LOVED the buff muscle guy I recently received)
6. Friends that bring YUMMY Pot Roast (complete with homemade cookies and bags of choc!)
and Chicken Enchilada dinners...right to my house!
7. Friends that take time from their busy lives to pick me up and drive me to the doctor (XOXO)
8. Daughters that call frequently, from far away (MA, CA, IL) to check in on how I'm feeling
9. Mothers and sisters that send a LARGE candy basket filled with nostalgic childhood goodies
(who remembers SKY bars Mallo Cups?)
10. Sisters who give up vast amounts of their own personal time to look after me! (What would I have done without St. Melissa?!)
11. Brother in laws that can be counted on for ANY and EVERY thing if I so need it
12. Mother in laws that send beautiful bouquets of flowers along with hand written poems and
father in laws that worry about me on a daily basis
13. Sister in laws that call all the way from ALASKA to see how I'm doing
14. Dear friends that have volunteered their time to help me get ready for the new school year
15. Friends from far away that send DELICIOUS home made goodies in to me in the mail
16. A husband that tries his best to take care of me and tries to do the million and one things
that I used to be able to do around the house by myself

I know that when I come back to read this, I will remember someone that I've forgotten to write down. But know that in my heart, you are remembered, and that's where it counts.

Each and every day it is because of all of you that I am able to continue to fight this fight. Thanks so much for always being there.

This afternoon I have my first consultation with the radiologist. Hopefully she will let me know when radiation can start, and I will let you know what she says. I also have my first infusion of Herceptin this afternoon which should take about 90 minutes. (only the first round will be this long)

Lots of love,


  1. And WE do it all for the most courageous, loving, incredible, unselfish, caring, compassionate person whom I'm proud to call my sister. YOU!!!!

    I love you.

  2. Joanne you have this all wrong! We should be thanking YOU for all the strength you have shown throughout this journey; for your ability to find humor in less than favorable conditions; for your ability to share your journey through your gift of "blogging"; for your ability to remain who you are...the best friend, confidante and colleague anyone could have!

    Looking forward to August 1st!!!

  3. if it were easy anyone could do it! here's some of my favorite quotes and cliches, (or at least the ones i can remember at the moment).....

    it ain't over till it's over. (yogi berra)

    a winner is a loser who gets up one more time.

    all you can do is the best you can do.

    every day that you get is a day that you got.

    never look back...something may be gaining on you.

    keep your eye on the prize.

    take every day on step at a time, do the best you can and try to build a life that means something. (this one's mine, i used to bug adam with it when he was a kid.)

    don't say you can't when you mean you won't. (a nine year old kid told adam that when he was 6) it's been stuck in my head for 26 years!

    live long and prosper. (spock)



  4. I finally figured out how to do this!!! I still remember the day we did the personality test at school. I remember when we found out (officially) that you were the only orange in the bunch!!! Only an orange can get through this like you!! You are one of the strongest , most wonderful, and most determined individuals I know!! I am a proud to call you a grind, proud to have walked by your side for your first race for the cure, and am so proud to call you a survivor!!!

  5. No, thank YOU for all you have taught me! I was under the weather recently and not feeling very spiffy. I thought of you and realized I needed to "Joanne-icise" my attitude. Yes, I still had the fever, but my outlook was a lot better!

    I am proud to call you a friend!

    Tracy (oops! I realized I signed in last time under my daughter's name!)