Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joanne has left the building...ok the house

My how quickly three weeks pass by. Today is three weeks since my surgery and I know I must be on the mend because I was going stir crazy. I left the house alone for the first time this morning and took a short walk with the dogs. They behaved very well considering I was walking at a snail's pace. I also took another big step and drove myself to the grocery store, which is about a mile from my house. There had to be a first time, and I decided today was the day. I just got a few things that I needed and it felt good to be out in the world again. (I know, the grocery store isn't exactly the world, but to me it felt that way!)

I had my consultation this past Tuesday with the radiologist and she told me that I would begin radiation as soon as the plastic surgeon was done "filling me up." She explained that before radiation treatment can start, she needs to map out the places on my body that will be receiving the radiation. Once she maps the areas, I cannot be changing sizes which is why the plastic surgeon needs to finish what he is doing first. I spoke with him when I saw him on Wednesday to receive my second "filling." Hopefully after my third visit (next Wed.) we will be able to evaluate if I will need a fourth visit or not. I'm kind of hoping that we are DONE after next week. I also had my first infusion of Herceptin at camp chemo and I am happy to report that no side effects surfaced after the treatment. Turns out that my next infusion is not for three weeks...yeah! I also seem to be growing fuzz on my head! You really can't call it hair yet, but I'm happy to see whatever it is.

So all seems well with me and the universe. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it remains that way.



  1. SO glad to hear you are doing fantastic. Though I didn't expect anything different ;)

    Heard there was a sighting of you this past weekend at MJR! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was and my children were to hear this....Emma has been asking relentlessly about you...especially after seeing HP...she would love to schedule a 'meeting of the minds' and get your take on it. haha.

    We love you bunches. Stay strong...hope to talk with/see you soon!

  2. I hae not logged on in a long time, but am very pleased to see how well things are going. You must be one of the strongest people I know. Keep plugging away and stay positive and I cant wait to see you in the fall.
    Carolyn P.

  3. Yeah! No side effects!!! Whoo, whoo, whoo!