Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ch Ch Ch Chia

Wondering why the strange title? Well, take a look for yourself and then you'll get it.

There is a strange resemblance between my head and the ever popular Chi shown above! I do have a covering of "hair" on my head and it does stick out in strange directions. Thank goodness mine is not green and sprout-like but even that would be welcome at this stage of the game. I couldn't resist the urge yesterday to run a comb through it. OK I know that was silly, but I just wanted to go through the motions! I'm even using a pin point amount of shampoo on my head and lathering it up. LOL The bravest thing I did this week however was going out into public without my trusty bandana on my head. Steve and I ran errands on Sunday and I decided to go au naturel. I did take my baseball cap with me in case I chickened out, but in the end I walked all the way through the computer store and Trader Joe's market with just my growing fuzz. It seems I am making progress after all! :-)

Tomorrow I have my last "filling" at the plastic surgeon (THANK GOODNESS is all I can say about that) and Thursday I have my second visit to the radiologist and she will possibly map me out for treatments that hopefully will start next week. I also have my second herceptin infusion next week at camp chemo. All in all things are moving along and with my newly "sprouted" head of hair the only place to go is forward!

Thanks again for checking in and keeping me in your thoughts.



  1. YAY!!!! and it's not gray!!!

    Lisa G.

  2. is it just me. or does the chia pet look like aunt hannah....may she rest in peace!


  3. Lookin good Jo, I think about you everyday. It has been a very BUSY summer. Flying by. I would still like to help you get ready for school. Let me know.

    Sue Hughes

  4. Your BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  5. Oh, Joanne! Chia Pet? You really know how to make me laugh! What I would give for your sense of humor!

    I think the hair is coming in nicely! :0) Kudos to you for going au naturel! You go Girl!

  6. Joanne, I LOVE THIS!!! I too feel like a chia pet!! What a great analogy!! You're the best! xoxo Susan