Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Where to begin with today's blog? I left off two days ago with heading to the wig shop, but sometimes "stuff" happens. I was all set yesterday morning to update with some pics from the wig outing and to let you know how everything went. Unfortunately I had another chemo reaction, and all I can say is thank goodness that it was Steve's day off and he was at home to help. Chemo affects everyone differently and there is no rhyme or reason when it will strike. I became very light headed and broke out in a cold sweat. I was also experiencing some pretty bad stomach cramps to say the least. I realized pretty quickly that I needed "help" and somehow managed to get upstairs to where Steve was still sleeping. I told him to call the doctor right away. The office said to come by immediately. I don't really recall the trip over there, I was pretty out of it. They checked my blood counts, which I'm happy to say were fine, but my blood pressure was very low and I needed fluids. I was also given some other medications to immediately stop the cramps and stomach problems. I was also told to drink, drink, and drink fluids all day, and if there were any other problems later in the day, I'd have to head to the E.R. Steve went out and came back with assorted gatorades and juice for me to drink, which I consumed the rest of the day so there would be no need to head back to the hospital.
There was no way I wanted to go back over there. I took it easy the rest of the day and ate toast and cream of wheat. How yummy does that sound. lol I figured better safe than sorry. I have to admit that the whole thing was a bit scary and made me realize how little control I have over all of this. I'm going to be taking additional meds now the day of chemo and the days following to hopefully avoid this type of reaction again. The one good thing about yesterday...I didn't think once about the fact that I no longer have hair! :-)

I'll come back later this afternoon and tell you all about the wig trip. I'll even share some pics with you...if you can stand it! lol

Have a wonderful day. I'll be here drinking purple gatorade today. yuck.

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  1. Oh Joanne! I hope you are feeling much better today. I am so happy you have such a devoted and loving family right there to support you. It is evident that you are very loved :)! Today will be a better day (I hope!) even though it is the dreaded FRIDAY THE 13th!! This is my beloved brother's bday (he would have been 41)so I am partial to this day even though it falls on a friday. Looking forward to your new post and your new wig! xoxo Susan