Monday, February 2, 2009

Drug free and full of Apple Juice

Today is my first official day of being alone. Mom is back in New Jersey now and Steve is off at work, so it's just me and my two perpetual four legged shadows. (So I guess in reality, I'm not really alone!) The sun is shining and it's a balmy 40 degrees in Michigan, almost makes me want to break out the short sleeved t shirts! This is my drug free week, and I'm excited. No meds to take (unless I feel side effects coming on) and no doctor visits. :-) Gee, I feel kind of normal! I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

I've finally found a beverage to drink that tastes "normal" to juice! I've already finished an entire bottle of "Simply Apple" and it was...simply deeelicious!I drank so much however, that I was having visions of the famous Willy Wonka line (OK, I am kind of obsessed with the old version of this movie, so I can relate anything to it)"Violet, you're turning violet!" Only in my head, I was turning into a giant apple! So, I'll wait a day or two before buying some more. Back to the water. sigh.

I'm working on the pics to post for all of my many thank yous. They should be ready by tomorrow to post. (sorry, I'm a computer idiot and it takes me three times as long as a normal person to do anything)I have been baking a little, and sent Steve off to work this morning with chocolate chip cookies. Today I made some carrot cake muffins which are cooling, so I haven't tried them yet. Believe it or not, I'm really not eating what I bake, I just like reading new recipes and then trying them out. I picked up a few new cookbooks from the library today, so I'm sure there will more baking to come this week.

I want to say a special HELLO to Linday P. who I saw is now following my blog! :-)
Linday, I can't believe you are 14 now! It seems like only yesterday that you were sitting in my third grade classroom! You are a beautiful young lady! Please give my best to your Mom and to Michael.

Have a great day, I'll be here drinking my apple juice! :-)



  1. If you were to become an apple, which kind would you be? Answer: Honeycrisp. You have always been sweet as honey and you have a snap, crackle, pop kind of person.
    Love Shari and Joe

  2. Sorry that I missed Hinda's visit. I know you ARE her baby and she loves you so much. I pray for your speedy recovery. I miss you.

  3. Carrot cake muffins!?!? That sounds DELICIOUS. Did you put raisons in them? I might just have to make some... How did they turn out? Did you remember how to get the pictures onto the computer?? LoL, at least Steve will be there to help you if you forgot! Keep drinking your water missy! Love you :o)

  4. Since you are doing so much baking I would just like to remind you that packages always go over really well when you send them to your lovely college daughter :) Drink up momma, no being a camel!

    I love you <3

  5. Joanne, glad to hear you are getting a break. It's well deserved! Keep baking - I think it can be theraputic (and very fattening too!). Apple juice, huh? I'll have to remember that one (how can I ever go without my coffee?????) Love ya! Susan

  6. Oh! Joanne, my daughter Tori was signed into gmail so it looks like she commented (see above) but it's really from me Andovercookiemama! Must check that next time!

  7. I'm glad I left when I did or I'd weight 200lbs (not that there's anything wrong with that!) You can always send your cast offs to Dallas, Uncle Jerry has quit smoking and has quite an appetite these days. If I haven't told you lately, you're my inspiration and I love you very much. Keep on drinking those fluids. xoxo, B

  8. Its nice to imagine you going about your "normal" business! I'm glad you get to "just say No!" for a week. :)

  9. Aw! Thanks so much :]
    I'm glad you're feeling better and i hope to visit you sometime soon!!

  10. I just got a call from Kelly asking me if I knew that you were going through chemo. NO!!!!! She sent me to your blog. Joanne, my mom went through this 15 years ago ... no recurrences in all those years.
    Call me if you need anything - really!! Even if it's just someone to keep you company ...
    Take care of yourself. :)