Thursday, February 26, 2009

Down...but not out

What would a week be without a small reaction. lol I'm perfectly ok, and this time I'm chuckling while I write this, but this morning I had a small encounter with the snow in my backyard. I took the dogs outside about 8 a.m. to do their morning business. I always hook up Cubby to her line when I let her out (we have no fence) as she has a tendancy to run after anything that moves. I for one, am not chasing a crazed australian shephard through the neighborhood (especially without that WOULD get some strange looks). I remember standing at the edge of my patio watching Frankie do his buisness (which takes him forever by the way) and all of a sudden a familiar light headed feeling started in my head. I looked over at one of the snow covered patio chairs and thought, "I should sit down." Instead, I reached out to hold onto something until my head cleared and I grabbed the tree trunk on the side of the house. The next thing I knew, I was waking up lying face down in the snow! I had fainted! I couldn't have been down for long though, as my faithful canine companion Frankie was still nearby. I picked myself up, brushed off the snow, and carefully walked back into the house. I climbed upstairs to find Steve (he always seems to be UPstairs when these things happen) and told him what had just occurred. He was very concerned but I assured him that I felt alright and I would just lie down for awhile...which I did. I realized a short time later that I had a gash at the base of my right thumb, which must have happened when my hand slid down the tree as I fell. I can only imagine what this scene must have looked like. Bald woman in red scottie dog pajamas faints dead away in her own backyard into the melting snow only to be totally ignored by her four legged friends. So much for being man's best friend.


  1. well im glad to hear that you are ok. and also glad to know that frankie was still by your side when you woke up. im sure that it was quite the site to be seen. i love you bunches. relax and drink whatever your drinking today. thankfully carly will be home tonight.

  2. Hi Joanne:

    I am not very good at posting Blogs. I just lost what I had written. Lets try again.
    I am so sorry about your fall,that must have been scary. Thank goodness your OK.
    I really enjoyed talking to you the other day. You really are an amazing person. Keep the spirit and the humor going. Positive attitude is the name of the game!
    Just know that we are here for you. If you need anything I am just around the corner. (and I am not just saying it!)
    Take care and keep in touch.

    Love you,


  3. Wow Joanne! You amaze me. I have friends who would fall apart at the mere thought of fainting in the snow (not to mention being bald, in your pajamas, and fighting cancer!!). I admire your strength and humor and ability to take things in stride the way you do. I hope the reaction hasn't recurred and that you are continuing to feel o.k. Have a great weekend!
    Hugs - CeRae

  4. Oh, Honey... I am so glad you weren't seriously hurt and only you can take an occurence like that and spin it into the vision you do - bald head with red scottie dog pj's passed out in the snow. We can all take lessons from you in how to view things! You know, with your outlook, you should keep all these notes and write a book yourself. You are so very uplifting! Fingers crossed that you don't have that happen again!