Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day

Monday morning. Back to work for some (sorry Jess) and day off for others (enjoy the week off my Riverside friends). For me, time to catch up on the blog. Physically, I've been feeling alright, so all is well on that front. I'm now taking yet another pill, as this is the week of chemo (sigh) and hopefully this pill will prevent that nasty little side effect I experienced last Wednesday. Mentally, well, let's just say that most days I'm fine, but once in awhile I do get overwhelmed with everything
and I'm told that this is normal. Considering that it has now been 9 weeks since I received the "news" I'd like to think I'm handling everything to the best of my abilities, but let's face it, we ALL have bad days with or without cancer.

I wanted to share the beautiful flowers that my daughters sent me. They arrived on "wig day" and most certainly brightened up my day. The message on the card said it all. Jess, Carly, and Rach, I love you SO much. Thanks for loving me with or without hair...but if it's alright with the three of you, I'm looking forward to the day that you can love me WITH my hair again. :-)
(They are so beautiful, they deserved a close-up too!)

I also received a t-shirt and hoodie that I had to share with all of you. Both made me laugh out loud and I'm sure you will too. The t-shirt was sent from my wonderful friend, Lisa, in Texas.
She's really my sister's best friend, but if it's ok, I'm going to claim her too. Thanks so much Lisa, I just love the shirt! I'm sure it will get many many comments when I wear it outside of the house. lolAnd if the t-shirt isn't funny enough, look at the hoodie was sister sent me for Valentine's Day. If this doesn't make you laugh, you need an attitude check. Who ever said that cancer doesn't have a humorous side! ;-)

Last, but not least, I wanted to share a good movie tip with all of you. Steve and I watched "Slum
Dog Millionaire" yesterday afternoon. I really had no idea what to expect but I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised. I REALLY enjoyed this movie. I'm not one to care about Oscar nominations and I usually have never even heard of the movies that win the awards. I do remember however, this movie getting a lot of nominations, and now I know why. For once there was an interesting story to follow and better yet, a happy ending! I don't like violence in movies, and there were a few times that I closed my eyes but most people aren't as wimpy as me. If you see it, let me know what you think.

Happy President's Day to everyone. Maybe there are some good sales at the mall today!

Joanne (drinking Earl Grey tea today)

P.S. I've changed some of the settings on the comment section of the blog. Many told me they were having difficulty leaving comments. Try again to leave a comment and let me know if you are still having trouble. You should be able to comment now, even if you do NOT have a google account.


  1. Boo for being at work today. Not fun. The flowers look beautiful. Thanks for posting the photos. I love you.

  2. Those flowers do look mighty beautiful! I wish I didn't have school today :o( But I do get to go to the information meeting for Semester in LA so I am excited about that! You forgot to tell everyone about the best part of your week... TACO BELL! Haha Love youuuu

  3. Beautiful flowers. Keep up the blogging Joanne, you'll be computer savvy yet.
    Our love, The Wikle's

  4. PS - LOL at the shirts! Cute.

  5. HEY~~

    Sorry it took so long for me to jump on the blogging bandwagon but here I am! It was so nice to read and see how you have been. It's very nice that you haven't lost your amazing sense of humor:) Can't wait to read more!


  6. Hi Joanne,
    This is the first day that I've been home throughout winter break. We were visiting Brian and Lisa in St. Joseph. There were ice sculpter competitions going on. Really amazing and beautiful, just wish it could be done in warmer weather!
    Ann and I will be going to school this week to prepare for Family Math Night. I would also like to stop at Jamie's, if possible, to see the baby.
    Your new wig looks adorable. I really like your hair better at this length. It's very perky!

  7. Whoo hoo! I can indeed post comments again! I hated not being able to leave comments as your blog is really so great at letting me know how you are doing.

    Okay, the t-shirts are absolutely hilarious! You have no idea how much your sense of humor inspires me! I hope you don't have those side effects from last time and I continue to keep you in my thoughts.