Monday, January 24, 2011

Today Is The Day

Today at 11:30 I will be seated with my oncologist and he will tell me the "plan" for the rest of my treatment. The initial phase, 3 chemo treatments and then a scan to measure the work that the chemo has done, is complete. Now we find out what phase two is about. I was going to receive my PET scan results today, along with the "plan," but I wound up in the doctor's office on Thursday morning due to pain in my swollen arm. I received a new pain med (thank goodness for drugs is all that I can say about that) and Suzanne (my P.A.) gave me the results of my scan! It showed the chemo is working, and the cancer has shrunk. OK, I was hoping that it would magically can dream, right? But, it was good news none the less. I will take shrinking vs. growing any day! The scan also showed it was still NOWHERE ELSE! More reasons to celebrate!

So all in all, the news was good on Thursday. I spoke to Suzanne and Marilyn, my physical therapist, and it was decided that I needed some more physical therapy on the swollen arm. They believe that the swelling and fluid in my arm is putting pressure on the nerves, which in turn is causing me the pain I've been experiencing (which let's just say has not been fun.) My P.T. will now include my shoulder area which has had its own issues in the past, but now due to the swelling and fluid is affected. Just think domino effect. Hopefully this will help. I'll try anything.

I actually have something FUN to look forward to today as well. Twice a year the American Cancer Society sponsors a program called "Look Good Feel Great" for women undergoing cancer treatment. There will be free hats, free make up, and even free wigs! :) Not to mention being with others that are experiencing the same things that I am. I'm looking forward to going!

My schedule for today is a long one:

Physical therapy @ 9:45

Dr. Krishnan (oncologist) for the "plan" at 11:30

Look Good Feel Great 1:00 - 3:00

I will check back later today and let you know what PHASE TWO will be!
Have a great day!


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