Monday, March 2, 2009

Amazing friends

It was a wonderful weekend! Carly was home from Chicago and it was great to have her here, if only for a few days. She ran errands with me and she was only to happy to eat anything that I cooked for her. I sent her home on Sunday with lots of tasty leftovers, more than enough to keep a starving college student going for quite some time. (I did give her instructions however to share with her sister in Chicago as well...she has plenty Jess) Besides visiting her dear old mom, Carly came home to film the March Reading Month assembly at my elementary school for her documentary class project. The theme this year was the brainchild of my dear friends Mary and Jackie Craite. (Mary teaches with me and Jackie is a freshman at Oakland University) The theme, "Read for a Cure" will be highlighted with lots of "pink" reading activities including students turning in their weekly reading minutes on pink paper. In addition to the students reading and donating money, Jackie has also placed donation jugs all around town at local businesses. All money collected will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I am truly humbled that my entire elementary school has chosen to honor me in this remarkable way. They mean the world to me. In addition to planning reading month, Mary and Jackie stopped by my house to show me something special that they had made to take to school.
I can only say that I was amazed and astounded by what they brought by. They created a stuffed pink ribbon "person" to go into the library. Students will be able to snuggle up with the ribbon (lol) and read. Since I could never adequately describe this ribbon person, a picture will truly be worth a thousand words. Here it is..

I told you I'd never be able to describe it! :-) And here I am with it...

Yes, it is LARGE! Thanks so much Mary and Jackie! You are both such amazing friends.XOXO

If anyone reading this blog would care to make a donation to help find a cure, they can be sent to:
Riverside Elementary School (checks payable to: Susan G. Komen for the cure)
c/o Mary Craite
5280 Farm Rd.
Waterford, MI 48327

I've been feeling relatively fine since the "fainting episode" last Thursday, and hopefully this week leading up to chemo will be uneventful. I have received some amazing gifts the past week that I'd like to share with all of you. Each and every day I am truly touched by the ongoing outpouring of kindness from friends far and near. On Friday I received this GORGEOUS plant basket from my neighbors across the street, the Peters Family. It has the most beautiful little pink flowering plants. It also came with my own personal angel which I just love. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends right there across the street if I need them. (and Diane is a nurse, so that's a double blessing!)

I'm going to have to find the perfect spot to hang my angel so she can watch over me.

I also had another floral delivery. This one from the Stoddard family at my school. These flowers are so bright and cheery they lifted my spirits the second I saw them. I know you will feel happy as well when you see them. Thanks to the entire Stoddard family, and Alice, I loved the special card and medal, thanks SO very much.

And last but certainly not least, my friend Sheri (hope I spelled it right) stopped by yesterday and she came bearing gifts as well. Look at these amazing slippers that she brought me (which happen to be on my feet right now as I type this!) as well as pink ribbon chocolate lollipops that she made herself! The lollipops were taken to the school she works in and she is selling them to raise money that will be donated in my name to the American Cancer Society. What a wonderfully thoughtful gesture. I hope she SELLS OUT! (Carly said they tasted delicious...sadly my taste buds and chocolate are not on speaking terms right now)

Hope everyone enjoyed the pics today. The weather is cold, but the sun is shining so I think I'll bundle up and take the dogs for a walk. It's good to just get out of the house.

Have a great day. (I'm back to just drinking water, NOTHING tastes good right now)


  1. Hi Joanne,
    The kids are soooo excited about March Reading Month! What a great way to honor you! We all miss you at school!!
    All the gifts you received are great! So thoughtful of everyone! You continue to be an ispiration!
    Miss ya, Love,

  2. Julie O'BryanMarch 2, 2009 at 9:34 PM

    Hi Joanne,
    I think that the "Read for a Cure" @ Riverside is an awesome idea. I'm bummed that we're not there to do it. Houghton doesn't even do MRM. The ribbon person is sooo cool! I'll have to stop in @ Riverside with the girls for a visit to check things out.

  3. I am so glad you posted a pic of the ribbon person so I knew what on earth you were talking about! What a truly wonderful thing that they have done and are doing for you! It is obvious how incredibly well loved you are!

    Take care,

  4. Hi Joanne, If I see this message I will be so happy!! That means I did it!!