Saturday, January 31, 2009

Odds and Ends

The last few days have gone by and so far so good. Yesterday I had my first check-up at the oncologist's office. It has been one week since my first chemo treatment, and they need to make sure that everything is going well. My blood counts are ok and fall within the normal range, with the exception of my white blood count, which is low. Suzanne, my nurse, said that was to be expected, and the shot I had this past Monday would be "working" this week to build me back up. All in all I told her that my side effects were manageable, but she did prescribe some other drugs that might help me. I'm a regular medicine cabinet these days. I better not make a quick decision to head to Windsor...the drug sniffing dogs will get overly excited when they near by purse.

After the doctor, I met up with some school friends at Starbucks. :-) It was WONDERFUL to see them all...Terry, Becky, Michelle, Deb, Mary, and Jackie (creator of the fabulous breast cancer blanket). We chatted, laughed and THEY drank coffee.
Yes, you heard me right, I had NO coffee. For those that don't know me... I LOVE COFFEE! (Bill, if you're reading this, you'll have to drink that morning cup for both of us now) Sadly, one of the side effects that chemo produces is a change of tastes for almost anything, and right now the taste of coffee in my mouth is just not working for me. I have tried on several occasions, and keep telling myself that this time, the coffee will taste good. NOT! I can't believe that I'm going to be giving up coffee for MONTHS! I don't know which is worse, having cancer, or not drinking coffee!!! At this point, I'd have to say it's the lack of caffeine!! lol

Mom is heading home to New Jersey today. It's been nice having her here, but I'm sure she's anxious to get home. She has made Steve and I some delicious dinners, our favorite was the unstuffed cabbage and potato pancakes. YUM and thanks Mom! She is also heading back to New Jersey with some baked goodies for her freezer.(hmmm, on second thought, they might not ever make it to the freezer) I made her chocolate whoopie pies (half with maraschino cherry filling!) and chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully she can keep the whoopie pies away from my sister Paula at home. (Paula, you may eat one or two if you ask this time!)

I also briefly wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone that has sent me gifts and cards. I actually look forward to getting the mail every day! I've already planned the next blog entry, it will be devoted to all of you and I'm going to share everything I've more to come on that.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the Superbowl, food, and commercials. I'll be here NOT drinking my coffee. :-(


P.S. to Janet...I'm holding you to that burger and beer at our favorite place! :-)


  1. i've had the dreaded unstuffed cabbage. my mom was that kick for quite sometime. it got to the point that adam and i had to beg for something/anything else!

    you're coffeeless existence sounds like a strange new world. but, being caffeine free right now might be a good thing. whatever works!

    you sound great and it's good to know you have friends and family around you.

    i'll finally get to meet adam's baby this thursday. i booked a 7 am flight up to washington. it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now i think i must have been nuts! i'll try to get a pic of him, kathy & henry together. i'll send you and b the result of my efforts.

    stay strong.


  2. Oh, Honey... no coffee! :0( I feel for you! Glad you had such a nice visit with your mom! Your whoopee pies sound SO good!

    Take care and give yourself a hug from me!

  3. arrrgggghhhh now coffee... I completely understand the pitfalls of medicine changing tastes. I was hooked on classic coca cola until I went on a headache medication that made everything taste and my soda tasted flat.. nice!!! So i kicked that habit and turned to good ole' southern sweet tea :) Hope you are doing well, I sure am praying for you!!!