Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carly's documentary is complete!

I'm home from Chicago and Carly's graduation was amazing! There were so many amazing things that we stuffed into an action packed weekend that I'm not sure where to even start. Yes, I do! Besides the graduation itself, another highlight was getting to see Carly's completed documentary on...me! She and her friend worked extremely hard on this production and I viewed it for the first time on Friday evening during the "Senior Showcase" which highlighted the works of graduating seniors. I viewed it on the big screen in one of the auditoriums on campus along with the works of other students. Of course my family could hardly wait for Carly's film and we were not disappointed. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, and when we got up to leave, the lady sitting in front of us recognized me (hard to miss lol) and she applauded me. (more crying on my part) I am extremely proud to present the documentary here for all of you to see. It's only five minutes long and I would advise you to have a tissue handy. Enjoy it and pass it on to every woman you know!


P.S. Chemo yesterday went just fine. My friend Margaret Risser kept me company and we never stopped talking for three hours straight. Thanks Margaret for keeping my mind occupied! :-)
(Only three more treatments to go!)



  1. Carly congratulations . . . and the documentary really was AWESOME!

  2. Joanne, I'm finally here. I've always loved you and looked up to you. Now your strength inspires me through my own illness. I haven't read the blog yet, but that documentary left me speechless. I guess big brains run in the family :-). Love, Mol.

  3. Joanne,
    The documentary is amazing. I am glad you warned me about kleenex. Tell Carly I wish her the best and I think that she has alot of talent. As we say in the drinking fountain line at school....3 2 1 you are DONE
    You are my hero!!!! I love you!

  4. Oh, this was SO well done!!! I just don't know what to say (that is rare!). It is moving, uplifting, creative and inspiring. Carly did a fantastic job and, Joanne, you did as well! This really summed up so much of what we have all been following and it was fun to hear your voice again as it has been so long since we chatted about shipping cookies. :0) Wow! Once three more to go!! I hope they are holding your place in line at Starbuck's!

    This documentary was just so wonderful to watch! Just incredible!

  5. WOW - What a beautiful tribute to you! I came away with such a strong sense of how you have fully embraced the fight against breast cancer - in mind, body and spirit.
    It was so creatively done, and I loved learning more about your journey and hearing your voice. :) Well done to both of you!

  6. Hey Joanne, a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman... you are such a blessing to so many women in this world! Carly did a superb job on that documentary and I know you are proud of her, we are all proud for you and for her! It was great to be able to finally hear your voice, even though I feel like I have known you forever. I am still praying you through this my friend and know that God has only more beautiful things for you! Keep that beautiful smile and that sweet Sprit, you are a winner! xoxoxoxox lori (sugarbakerz)

  7. Whatan amazing video about anamazing person! Great job!!

  8. that was absolutely amazing and beautiful. glad i took your advice and grabbed a tissue lol. i hope everything continues to go well.
    you are in my friends and family's prayers!!! ♥