Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm still here!

Sorry I haven't updated recently, I'm still here and doing well. I'm looking forward to only FOUR more treatments and then surgery. I've actually been really busy (well, as busy as someone at home can be) getting ready to go out of town tomorrow. My daughter, Carly, is graduating from Columbia College in Chicago, and we are headed there in the morning. I've rescheduled chemo for Monday at 2:00. (we are getting home late Sunday night) and the following week I'll have to go in for my treatment on Tuesday, as that is Memorial Day weekend and chemo will be closed on Monday. (I don't think cancer takes a long weekend...but I know that the hard working nurses and staff at camp chemo deserve the break)

I had a VERRRRRRY exciting day today. I was able to go to my elementary school to participate in the assembly they had to honor the entire school for becoming a "Michigan Exemplary Blue Ribbon School." IS as big a deal as it sounds. We are SOOOO proud!! The best part of the day was walking into my classroom to see my students. I surprised them (I was just sure someone would call to say it was a mistake and I couldn't come) and boy were they SURPRISED!
They flew over in about 5 seconds flat and I was getting the best hugs in the world. In fact, it was hard to get through the school without hugs coming from all directions. It sure did feel good to be missed! :-) :-) I did bring my camera, but I didn't take one picture. lol I was too busy saying hi and hugging people. It was a GREAT afternoon!

I'll check back in after Monday to let you know how I'm doing, but just know that after my visit to school today I'm feel PRETTY DARN GOOD!



  1. Its so heartwarming to hear about all of the love you got at the school. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. Have a spectacular time at your daughter's graduation! Congratulations to ALL of you :)

  2. have a great time at the graduation, smile big as I know you will, this is one of "those" moments Joanne that mom's live to see, and you have fought the good fight my friend to truly LIVE to see it! Stay strong buddy, you are always in my prayers! Congrats Carly, what a trooper!

    lori (sugarbakerz)

  3. Oh, I got tears in my eyes at hearing how you were swarmed with hugs! Now that is great medicine!

  4. Shannon said....
    Joanne it was such an overwhelming reaction that the students had seeing you. Relief mingled with love and concern. I'll send you pictures soon. All of the pictures are like a sea of blue hugging a speck. The students in their blue ribbon shirts and you in your pink cap. This is something they still are talking about...their beloved teacher really is okay. They needed to see you with skin-on. On behalf of all of the parents, thank you.