Friday, May 1, 2009

LIVE from NY...only kidding

Broadcasting live from camp chemo! I am actually sitting in my recliner right now waiting for the labs to send up the results for my blood tests. (they do this every week before starting the chemo) If I haven't mentioned this before, they are very high tech here at camp. Each recliner has their own computer screen which allows the "camper"to access the internet, watch tv, or choose from a wide assortment of movies. All for your infusion pleasure. :-) Actually, it does make the time go by very quickly if you haven't brought a good book. (which I am rarely I brought Brisingr by Christopher Paolini)

I'm also happy to report that today makes treatment #7, only 5 to go! Then on to surgery. (we'll deal with that later) The sun is shining here in Michigan (yeah!) and two weekends from now I'll be headed to Chicago to watch my daughter Carly graduate from college. :-) (I'll have chemo the Monday after I get back) So all in all life is good.

Have a wonderful weekend. Get out and enjoy the sunshine.
Joanne (still trying to get my water in every day...I'm just not much of a drinker. Unless
I'm headed out after work for adult beverages!)


  1. going to the Relay for Life walk tonight in our town, will be thinking of you my friend.

    Congrats on Carly's upcoming graduation, I know you are proud! Keep strong Joanne!

    lori aka sugarbakerz

  2. Two weeks from today is graduation baby!!!! I can't wait for you to finish Brisingr so we can FINALLY talk about it!

    Love you bunches, xoxo!

  3. So happy to hear things are going well. Nicholis just turned in his last Michigan project, he made an apple pie. I heard it was good nut didn't get to taste it. And yes he did all the work. Since you are preparing for your surgery, I will join you while I have my left thyroid taken out next Friday. I have been planning for a few months for this and will be glad when its over. Nicholis is doing really well in school, trying to get his interest in social studies is a whole different suject. He just doest get social studies. Math and reading are definately better but we gotta work on the rest. And boy oh boy has the writing improved and I give you all the credit for that one! he has learned to skate for the first time in his life and now its as if he has always been. Life is moving along for Nicholis and I again credit you for showing him the things that he needed to know this year. Everything is just falling into place for him. I am praying for you and hope you return to us sooner than later, I know for a fact that Nicholis misses you. Take care and get well.