Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The END is in sight!

I just had a call from my surgeon's office. My surgeon wants to see me again since the end of chemo is getting closer. Once I have this appointment she will schedule my surgery! Hooray! My appointment is at 9:15 on May 28. This is the best news I've had in awhile. I finally feel like there is going to be an end to this journey.



  1. I like happy endings!!!!! 8 days and counting until I can give you a big old hug! Can't wait. Love you.

  2. I've missed out on several weeks of posts & am catching up. How are those eyebrows hanging in there? I warned you ... but at least you haven't lost every hair on your body, including eyelashes, as my mom did. Be thankful for the little things, eh?

    Hope all is well for you. I may not be good at blog-following these days, with the financial aid gods dumping far too much on me lately, but I DO make time to keep you in my prayers.

    Looking forward to great news at the end of the month.


  3. Joanne, I'm sooooo happy for you! You've been through so much and I'm glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck on your surgery and recovery. I'll be checking your blog to see how you're coming along.
    Love, Susan

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts and counting down the days with you! I hope you have been well this past week.
    Hugs - CeRae