Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4:31 A.M.

Yes, I was up and staring at the clock at this exact time. I would toss, turn, and think about whether I should actually "get up." It seems that a good night's sleep has been hard to come by (even with sleeping pills given freely by the doc!) If you think about it logically though, I go to "bed" about 8:00,(yes, living the the wild life here!) and if I'm lucky enough to fall asleep within the hour, by four a.m. I've pretty much had a full night's sleep. So I've been waking up at odd hours, and trying hard to fall back asleep. Last night I let laziness take control, and I didn't get up. Luckily I fell back asleep and woke up to Cubby (dog, not husband lol) pleading to go out around 7:15. One more night out the way!

I've been feeling generally ok. The shot on Monday to rebuild white blood cells is now coursing through my body, and I just continue to have the overall feeling of being run over by a bus. I had a small "reaction" yesterday morning after I ate breakfast. I broke out in a cold sweat and was very light headed. I just sat quietly until it passed. If anything had "happened," I had my trusty bodyguards, Cubby and Frankie, waiting anxiously at my feet to jump into action. lol They are my constant shadows. I have no idea how they will ever adjust when I go back to work someday!

Mom has been company for me and has been busy cooking dinners. Our big "outing" yesterday was to Walmart and the library. Can you stand the excitement. After that we had lunch at Panera's which she LOVED. (insert "mmmmm" sound effects here to get her full pleasure) She is tolerating the dogs (I say that in the loosest terms as she is NOT a dog person) and I even saw her slip them some pieces of ham. The funniest though is seeing Cubby (50 lb. Aussie) trying to sit in her lap, and Frankie (8 lb. maltese/pom) perching behind her on the couch smelling her head. LOLOL I'll have to snap a pic of them and post will be a keeper.

I've also come to realize that there is absolutely NOTHING on tv during the daytime. I heard the same news and weather stories twenty times each. What exactly is it, that people at home all day actually do?? I'll be thinking this over as I have a lot of downtime in my future.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. I'll be here drinking my water!



  1. I wish I was as funny as you are, so I could make YOU laugh instead of the other way around! May I suggest knitting? I just took it up again after a 10 year hiatus and am loving it. I've started with 4 scarves, that my children will probably never wear, but it is fun, calming, therapy for the frazzled mind of a Mom of 2 maniacal little boys, taking a short break from cookie decorating. hugs.

  2. Sounds like you are doing well, considering. Keep up the good fight, you will be in my thoughts.


  3. Sorry you didn't feel so spiffy! I hope you can also get into a good sleep pattern as well! I am home during the day (as you know). Nope, daytime t.v. is also not my thing. I keep busy on this end with cookies and life in general. In my pre-cookie days, I did a lot of sewing (quilts and such) and I enjoyed the creative aspect of that. I like SweetDreams' idea. Knitting is all the rage and that might be something you enjoy! Any novels you have been wanting to read? Even if you aren't up for cookie-ing, how about sketching out ideas for upcoming cookie creations? I like to do that as I then feel I am not in such a rush when the time comes. Wish I had more ideas for you!

  4. Hi Joanne! Boy O Boy are you missed!
    The students are doing well, however they miss you TERRIBLY! You know Emma, she's giving me the full report on just how the guest teacher is 'handling' things. How her fellow students are behaving, what projects, school work is in the works and such. I am happy to report she passed her 8's the FIRST TIME through! I huge accomplishment for her. Phew!

    Not sure if you heard, but your class represented the school well. Each student did very well in the spelling bee. Emma was one of the last 4 standing. 'Ultimatum' caught her off-guard. Your brilliant Kaitlyn was the all-time winner. She did great. They all made us proud parents.

    We had our "Ice Cream, Book and Hearts, OH MY" event this past Tuesday night. It was a HUGE success....with over 250 people participating. We were overwhelmed, but excited too. All went well.

    I am often asked by the students if I've heard anything about your surgery. What would you have me tell them? I can relay a message if you would like.

    Please know you are in our prayers for comfort, strength, AND restful nights. :)

  5. P.S. The haircut is really nice.

  6. keep drinking water momma! i love you so much <3

  7. Joann, you are still YOU! Funny and wonderful. Can't wait until you are through the rough times and completely restored to good health. I need a burger and a beer, hou about you?

  8. Your upbeat spirit is infectious! Since being unemployed, I found it very difficult from going to a 12hr work day to nothing. The cookie hobby has certainly taken over any boredom. Since standing in a hot kitchen isn't something you can handle these days, maybe scrapbooking. It will fill that creative outlet need you have and what a great way to have all your family and friends around you right now. It's something you can work at any time you have the energy for it, and set it aside when too tired. Although.... the knitting thing sounds fun. I've always wanted to learn how. My favorite blankets are the ones made by my mother and grandmother. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be soon. You strike me as a woman that cannot just sit and has way too much creativity to keep bottled up. I'm anxious to see what your next hobby will be :) My daily thoughts always find you. Take care CC Sister. This blog is wonderful!

    Your CC Sister,