Sunday, January 25, 2009

All quiet on the Sunday front

Jessica and Carly have headed back to Chicago, and my sis, Melissa, is on her way back home to Dallas, and MUCH warmer weather! I know she will be overjoyed to shed her newly purchased down coat, and the assorted gloves, scarves, and hats we loaned her to wear while she was here. She just doesn't remember what it's like to live in the cold. She's been a southern gal for too long now, and her blood thins when the temps dip below 70 degrees!lol While my husband Steve, drops my sis off at the airport, he will wait and pick up the next mother! Now this should be an "interesting" week. I'll have to keep you all posted on the "mother visit."

Yesterday, the four of us trooped off to the specialty shop that will assist me with my
"scalp prosthesis." A.K.A. the WIG! lol According to the insurance prescription however, it is called a prosthesis. They can call it whatever the heck they want, but I have to tell you that those wigs looked REAL!! I was truly impressed. I tried on quite a few styles, including a long blonde one, just for kicks! Don't worry,I'm definitely NOT going blonde! I have it narrowed down to three. One is just past my chin, the second is just past the shoulders, and the last is a bit longer. I will go back in about a week and a half to try them on again, and make my final selection. Pam was the woman helping me through the process, and she was great. We all laughed when she told us there were good things and bad things associated with a synthetic wig (which is what I'm getting). Good points: only needs to be washed after 12 weeks, keeps its style permanently, is always ready to go and looks good. Bad points: really only one...DO NOT WEAR NEAR HEAT!! Melting will occur if I open the oven or dishwasher! So, Carly's advice was: DO NOT WIG AND BAKE! lolol Another good point I just thought of, NO "extra protein" in baked goods! (stray hairs for those that don't bake!)

I really haven't had any terrible side effects to date. OK..I felt like crap Friday afternoon after the first chemo round. I couldn't eat, felt spaced out, and was REALLY tired. But I woke up Saturday feeling ok, just had a general run down feeling.
I'm taking extra pills at home that combat the nausea, and they seem to be working well. After the outing to the wig store, Jess and I dropped Carly and my sis off at Best Buy so she could buy a new phone, and there just "happened" to be a Michael's
store across the street. So off Jess and I went. BIG MISTAKE. Letting a baking fiend loose in Michael's is never a good idea. To all my baking friends at CC...Wilton has now come out with a new book all about making FUN brownies! Yes fans, even brownies are now FUN! So, with a bag full of goodies, an hour later we left the store. I am now equipped to make some amazing brownie treats. Watch out world! :-) I'll be sure to post pics!

Tomorrow I must return to the oncologist's office at 9:00 am. I will be receiving my "booster shot" which will start to rebuild the white blood cells in my body that the chemo is currently killing! As soon as this shot builds them back up, I'll be ready for the new annihilation of the same cells the week after at the next chemo treatment. Gotta love the system! I'm going to leave you today on a happy note and post the pic of me, my sis, and my three beautiful daughters, Jessica, Carly and Rachel from our "BREAST WEEKEND EVER" in Chicago last weekend. We had a blast, and it was such a special time, I'll never forget it!


  1. I just love a woman who makes like two fried eggs,,,, and keeps her sunny-side up!!!Joanne satay strong ,we're both thinking of the way Randi and i are going to chicago this aug. for a phiilies -Cubbies game be ready for us:)

  2. I'm so relieved you're off to a smooth start Joanne (considering). Your attitude and your humor are the key!! Thank you so much for including us in the updates. Hey, here's a link to a friend's blog. She is a very smart and WITTY woman who is also a breast cancer survivor. She has links to other great support sites, and she designs hilarious "gear". My favorite is her "Camp Nookemboobies" t-shirt. And she is very approachable if you ever felt you wanted to ask her anything.
    Hugs to you!

  3. The least you could have done is pick a picture that didn't show my double chin!!!
    Enjoy your week with Mother...
    I love you,

  4. Glad you are feeling better! Love the pic of the 5 of you! All one has to do is look at the eyes and smiles to see the family resemblance! It sounds like you had fun 'scalp prosthethis-ing'! You have a way of making everything a fun event (or at least making it sound that way). I can only imagine the long blonde wig! Where's the pic of that? :0) SO glad you got that hint about it melting near heat! That'd be a big "Oops!". Have fun with your new brownies toys!

  5. Joanne, glad to hear chemo isn't so bad. You look great in your pink blanket and hat. You've got a lot of love around you!