Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chemo Coma

Round two this past Friday went well. My appointment for chemo is usually at 10:30 on Fridays, but for some reason they scheduled me for later in the day and my appt. wasn't until 1:30. It worked out well however, because Carly was driving home from Chicago that morning, and she arrived in plenty of time to go with me. I always have my blood drawn the very first thing. They need to make sure that my blood counts are all withing the normal range before they can administer the chemo, and they were! So, the next thing they do is administer the drugs that will (hopefully) manage my side affects through an IV drip. This round there are four of those drugs. The last of those drugs given to me before the cheom drug (Taxol) was Benadryl.(sp?) I'm really not sure what it "manages" (yes...she did tell me, but to be truthful I can't remember what she told me)what I do remember is that she said it would make me sleepy. I said, "I'll be sleepy later?" She replied, "No, right now" and I said ok. Then she hooked up the Taxol. About one minute after the taxol began to drip, I looked at Carly and said, "I need to close my eyes now." The next thing I knew, the beeper on my IV drip was going off indicating that the drip was done, and it was ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES later! I heard my nurse saying, "Wake up sleeping beauty, you're all done!" Make me SLEEPY??? lol I'd say it was more like a SEDATIVE!! It was like being in the O.R. and they are getting ready to put you to sleep and they say count backwards from 100, and the last thing you remember is saying 99!!! The good news is my time in camp chemo sure did whiz right by! :-) Maybe I should bring my pillow and blanket next Friday!

As far as how I'm feeling, I actually feel more like my old self. I was really tired when I got home Friday night, and went to bed early (even for me!) But yesterday I felt alright, and I went to the mall with Carly. My taste seems to have returned for the most part, so I'm hoping it sticks around. I had coffee at the mall and it was pretty darn tasty. I haven't noticed any side affects as of yet, so let's keep our fingers crossed. Even the weather here in Michigan has turned the corner. I think winter is finally a thing of the past. It seems that life is looking up and I for one am very grateful.

On another note, my elementary school had a VERY successful PINK bake sale (with all funds going to cancer research)and I for one baked up a storm for them. I have some fabulous pics of the goodies and the kids, and I will put them all into my next post.
I know you will enjoy seeing what went on.

Have a great week wherever you are, and I hope you can get out and enjoy the nice weather.

Joanne (I had two cups of coffee in the last two days and I LOVED it!!)

P.S. Thank you so much to my friends Sandy and Mike Peterson, and the Riverside Student Council, who both gave me gift cards to BORDERS. I had a WONDERFUL time yesterday picking out some new reading material while I was at the mall, and to my surprise, it was "Educators Week" and I received an additional 25% off my purchases, even WITH my gift cards! Now THAT'S a fabulous gift!! Thank you SO much! :-)


  1. I am glad Camp Chemo went well!
    Yes, the Pink Bake Sale was Great!!
    Lots of yummy treats!!
    Student Council and myself are thrilled you enjoyed using the Borders Gift Card!
    Enjoy your new books for March Reading Month!
    Thinking of you,

  2. Joanne, so glad that your chemo went better. Nothing like good 'ole benadryl to knock ya out! And... I am so glad to hear that your taste for coffee is back. What's life without coffee???? Yeah! You've given me hope for my chemo (I was afraid to lose the coffee taste!)

  3. Joanne, that was my post above but my son was signed in. I've got so many names on here, Nick, Andovercookimama and Keeping Up with the Kulungians! Sorry! :)