Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short and Sweet

Just thought I'd pop in to give you a quick update. I had an appointment this morning with my surgeon. This appointment had been made quite awhile back so I could "check in" with her. She was very happy with the way things were going and was surprised to hear I had already finished round one of chemo! (my how time flies when you're having fun) I asked her what my "plan" was and she told me that as soon as chemo is completed (end of May) then I will be ready for surgery(again) a few weeks later. She also told me that after the surgery is completed I will have radiation for six weeks. Ugh...still a ways to go...but at least things ARE moving along. I'm heading off to camp chemo tomorrow morning, I'll let you know if they induce a coma again! lol The only problem I've had this past week is a SERIOUS lack of sleep. Good thing you can't see me...I resemble a raccoon due to very large circles under my eyes. (NOT attractive)) I plan on talking to the nurse tomorrow about how to solve this problem. Other than that life moves on...hope you're having a great day.

Joanne (I drank some coffee today from 7-11. It didn't taste good. Is it me or do they make bad coffee?


  1. Hey there, I went and had my mammogram the other day in honor of you and everyone else struggling with the devil. All is clear in which Nicholis had this to say "oh good not another one".
    LOL, hes so honest to a fault. I just love him! Anyway take care and keep pluggin away, thinking of you always.
    Carolyn Parks

  2. It is amazing how far you've come, even when you lay out the plan ahead. I'm glad you're feeling good, and I really hope you get some sleep!! Hugs - CeRae

  3. Glad to hear there's a game plan so keep marching forward. By the way, 7-11 makes really bad coffee. :)

  4. I heard from a friend of mine that the chemo is what makes the coffee taste bad,so no worries, they taste will get better once the chemo is done! I was just checking in on you. It is hard to believe round 1 is wrapping up. You're still in my thoughts and prayers!
    ~sugarbakerz off cc~