Saturday, March 7, 2009

So many uses...

Watching television. While knitting. Watching a soccer game. While reading. And now we can add to the unlimited uses of the Snuggie. Wear it while having chemo! Every patient should have one. No need to withdraw your arms to expose them to a cold chemo room while the nurse draws your blood. Imagine the feeling of warmth you will experience while comfortably sitting in your recliner while getting infused. The possibilites are endless for the cancer patient :-) Buy one today and you will get an additional Snuggie free. But wait, that's not all, as a special gift you will also get a free bonus book light with page illuminating LED light. (excellent to have on hand if the hospital lights go out!) All for the amazing price of $19.95.

See... that big 'ol nasty shot of drugs doesn't look so bad when you're wrapped up nice and warm inside your Snuggie!

It's so warm and snuggly inside my Snuggie! :-) You can even share it with's large enough for two!
Don't they look happy inside their Snuggie! :-)

LOLOL I don't think I'll give up my day job and enter the world of infomercials. The above mentioned Snuggie arrived in the mail on Thursday, from nonother than Carly. Our family has had an ongoing joke about this new "sensation" (using term loosely here) and in reality think it's the dumbest thing we've ever seen. Which is why I was surprised to see one sent to me. So the burning question I had for Carly was, "What on earth made you buy one of these things?" The answer my friends is simple if you consider that it involves not only Carly but Jessica, who are 21 and 23 respectively. I'll let you think about this for a moment and see what you can come up with. Times up. So I'll tell you. Apparently "Snuggies" is sponsoring a nationwide " PUB CRAWL"
(if you guessed something about alcohol you were right) in selected cities in the country and Chicago is one of them. In order to even get into the bars, you need to be wearing (you got it) A SNUGGIE!! Now I have definitely heard of every use for this ridiculous item (and you thought wearing it to chemo was funny...I did!) I can only imagine a bar full of Snuggie wearing adults bellying up to the bar drinking their favorite adult beverage. I can only hope that people drink sensibly and do not spill anything on their Snuggie. I'm afraid if they wash it, it will dissappear into the bowels of the washer and dryer. It has the consistency of a glorified airport blanket and I have yet to put it on without static electricity erupting everywhere, and it does a magnificent job at attracting dog hair. really DOES have other uses. LOL

Anyway, I knew you would enjoy these photos from camp chemo. I was accompanied again by my dear friend Terry, as well as our other dear friend Nancy, who drove all the way from the other side of the state to go with us. (Now that's a true friend xoxo) The last visit of round one went by without anything to write about...which is a good thing. I'll visit the office next week for my blood count check up and they will tell me then when round two will begin.

One last pic to leave you with. This one is for you Lisa (my friend down in the Big D) I wore your shirt to camp chemo and everyone smiled when they read it. I continued wearing it the rest of the day and I believe I got extra smiles from people in the grocery store as well. Now people don't have to wonder why I have no hair! :-)

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I'm sorry to say that I can feel my taste slipping away. It's not altogether gone, but it's going. Yesterday while the taste "window" was open I stopped at Starbucks before I left for chemo and had a a latte. IT WAS DELICIOUS! And that's all I'll say about that.

Joanne (not drinking too much of anything, but I know I have to, so (sigh) I'll find something.


  1. I see a Panera bag on the table missy!! I want some! Every time I look at the picture of Terry and Nancy in the Snuggie I crack up! I am glad my gift could provide such entertainment and so many laughs :) Love you! Miss you xoxoxo

  2. You actually had me going with your infomercial at the beginning! That is hilarious! We joke about the Snuggie in our house too! Would NEVER have dreamt up bar hopping in a Snuggie though - those crazy kids!
    Glad you enjoyed your latte before the next taste bud hiatus. Let me know, I'd be happy to drink one for you ;)

  3. I would like to tell you that you have a very nice head. I haven't exactly seen it yet, but I can tell its a nice one under that bandana :)

    & your the cutest thing ever! haha

    -kristin isabel :)

  4. Okay, is in completely inappropriate to crack up when reading about a friend's chemo treatment? I was afraid I was going to be hit by lightning! Your "Snuggie infomercial" is a riot! Not quite enough for me to run out and buy one, but hilarious none-the-less. :0) Fingers are crossed that some of those taste buds stay!

  5. What a hilarious post Joanne. I too was peeking up at the sky for bolts of lightning.
    Yea Terry and Nancy! So funny.

  6. I love the pic!!! Thanks so much. Love the shirt on you . . . but Snuggie bar hopping???????