Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Reading Month

I told all of you in an earlier post about the PINK bake sale that was taking place last Thursday at my elementary school. The sale was a huge success and all proceeds are going to be donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation in my name. (what an honor!) My fourth grade class sponsored the bake sale and I want to say thank you to all of the families from Room 106 that took the time to bake, decorate, and send in such delicious looking treats. Thanks to all of you maybe breast cancer will cease to exist one day in the near future. These pink cookies were my donation to the sale, along with two dozen pink cupcakes. By the looks of the kids mobbing the bake sale table, I can tell that everyone went away with a smile on their face (not to mention a happy sugar high) *click on the last picture picture to enlarge it and read a special note from Zach and Jake :-)

As promised, I also have some AMAZING videos from school to share with you. My elementary school has been SO supportive of my ongoing fight against breast cancer that words cannot even express how I feel. They have been there every step of the way...including staff members, families, and students. Without their love and support, I know this would be a very different battle. They have made it possible for me to remain positive, when I didn't feel positive, and they have inspired me to do what I need to do, so I can return to school cancer free. Special thanks to my blog assistant, Carly (home on Spring Break) who helped me add these videos to the blog. (you really didn't think that I could this could you!)

The first video was shot at the opening ceremonies of "March Reading Month" when the entire school was getting motivated to READ FOR A CURE. (Be patient, the first 20 seconds of the video are bars and tones and the video starts right after that)

The second video was put together by Shannon Wikle, a mom of one of my current students. It touched my heart tremendously, and I know it will touch yours too.
Thanks so much Shannon for all of your hard work, I truly LOVE the video :-) I'm warning everyone, you should probably have a kleenex handy when viewing this, I know I needed one!


  1. The videos are great. You work with, and are friends with some of the most amazing people! What a blessing!

  2. I'm an "auntie" of Emma W. I just had to tell you that your story touches my heart. I will be praying for you...for strength and healing, and that you will be surrounded in love and support.

  3. i LOVE the cookies. they are so adorable. when we have our official business we can make a basket out of it. for every one we sell we can donate a portion of the proceeds to BC.

  4. Joanne, that video was amazing. I really enjoyed it. You are an amazing person and I hope you know that you our in our prayers everyday.

    Love you,

    Cindy P.

  5. The cookies are so cute! Of course they were a hit! :0)