Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's how time flies when you're feeling good. And I am! :-) No reactions and no problems. Life is good. Just counting down the days until I get my new round of drugs.

I had a visit yesterday from two wonderful families from my elementary school. Shannon Wikle (along with son Ben) and Alice Stoddard came by with a VERY special gift for me. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I was completely overwhelmed by the gift they brought.
Apparently families at my school were asked to make and decorate quilt squares for me and the finished product was shared this past Friday at the school's weekly "Community Meeting." So yes...they all knew before me! (I'm always the last one to know anything anyway) Even my husband knew about it! It was such a special gift and so much love went into it, that I had to share it with all of you. And to anyone that is reading this that helped to make the quilt, all I can say is that I absolutely love it, and I will cherish it always. Thank you so VERY much for taking the time to make me feel so special.

From left to right: Ben, Shannon Wikle, me (as if you couldn't tell), Alice Stoddard
I'm holding a framed square that didn't make it onto the quilt due to the transfer beginning to peel. It's my ALL TIME favorite book character, Harry Potter. Many thanks to Chris Thompson for remembering his former teacher's favorite book!
In my family room, where Steve is trying to get the whole quilt in the picture. (no luck here)
You can see my ever growing collection of cards behind me. I enjoy looking at them every day.

Good job Steve! :-) Here is the whole beautiful quilt! I plan to take it to chemo on Friday, so be ready for another shot of it from there.


  1. Hey Joanne!

    That is one impressive quilt! I was unable to get an "up close and personal" look at it. It was quickly swept away after Friday's Community Meeting and headed your way! I am going to need to schedule a visit...if only I knew when I was going to have my car next! I will check on that and get back to you real soon! Check your gmail!!!

    Keep Smiling!

  2. Hi Joanne,
    I too could not get a good look at the quilt. How fun for you to see all of the wonderful thoughts for and about you. I made the one that is in the 4th row center. It is a happy place. Go to your Happy place and think happy thoughts.

    You are my hero
    Sue Hughes

  3. That is so incredibly cool! You sure are getting a lot of love <3

    Miss you! xo


  4. That IS an amazing gift - and such a cool idea! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love getting reports of how good you are feeling! And your smile says it all! Here's to more of that!

  5. Joanne, I love your spiky hair and your new look. I think you are ready for "Top Model". You can share network time with your "Real World" daughter. Thinking of you! Nancy

  6. Hi Joanne,
    So happy to see you love the quilt. I knew you would. Nicholis and I had such a blast making our three squares, it brought out our creative abilities. I t turned out beautifully, I hope it will bring you lots of comfort.
    Carolyn Parks

  7. Joanne,
    I think this wonderful gift shows how much you are loved! Love the new do and seeing you on the CC board again! Looking forward to more of your wonderful work.

  8. I was fortunate enough to happen to catch Joanne outside on a beautiful day, showing off her quilt to another neighbor. I ran over & got to see it up close & personal. It's such a wonderful gift - what a caring community Riverside has been for Joanne.

    Joanne, sleeping through chemo sounds like a great way to get it over with quickly!


  9. Oh, this is sweet! I have been out of town and needed to catch up on how you are doing. This quilt is such a wonderful thought!