Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look Good...Feel GREAT!!!

Hi everyone! Wondering where I've been? I've been busy "vegetating" with my daughter Rachel. lol She's home on Spring Break and I've enjoyed having some company to do nothing! :-) Earlier in the week however, she did accompany me to a wonderful event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Several times a year they have an event called, "Look Good…Feel Better." It is a free, non-medical, national public service program which helps women offset appearance-related changes from cancer treatment. The two hour workshop was held in an administrative room at the hospital where I receive my treatment. The session included a skin care/make-up application lesson and demonstrations of options for dealing with hair loss. Not to mention the AMAZING make-up bag of "goodies" that included (according to Rachel) some REALLY GOOD
brands of cosmetics and moisturizers. (Bobby Brown, Chanel and Clinique to name a few) The voluneers that led the workshop were wonderful and included a local Nordstrom's make-up artist and a hair stylist/wig person (who was a cancer survivor herself). Many items such as wigs, hats, and scarves are donated to these sessions by former cancer patients who no longer have the need for these items and now wish to donate them to someone who can use them. I was only one of two people at the session without hair, so we were both used as "models" for the wigs. I had a very short and sassy wig put onto my head, and everyone at the session seemed to think that it was "me!" lol (If only they knew that my original hair was about ten times that long!) When the hair stylist was finished, she told me that I could keep the wig if I wanted it! So I did! Now I will really keep people guessing when they see me around town. Wait, didn't she have chin length hair the last time I saw her? No, she had NO hair the last time I saw her. Wait, I saw her with a short spiky hair cut! LOL Are you SURE that's her???!! I'll just leave everyone wondering and enjoy whatever hair I'm wearing at the moment. :-)

I do have some pics of the workshop, but unfortunately they are on Rachel's camera, and she hasn't transferred them yet to my computer. (I'll get on her about that today) Then you can let me know how you like my new short hair. Many thanks to the American Cancer Society for hosting such a wonderful event. I really did feel GREAT when I left.

I'll be having my weekly check up tomorrow. Without my "booster" shot this past Monday, I'm hoping that my blood cell counts will be ok. The good news is there have been no reactions this week and no passing out in the snow (which would now be frozen mud) so this is a good thing.
I did have some taste return yesterday which was welcome. Steve and I ventured out to Whole Foods and I happily worked my way through the samples located throughout the store. (some tasted better than others, but I still tried them never know what will work!)

The weekend is upon us, and I hope that everyone has a good one.

Joanne (drinks I've tried this week: FUZE Raspberry (NOT good!), OJ, Apple Juice, and Earl
Grey tea. But sticking to boring)


  1. Greeting from cold and wet Texas. I asked Rachel if she would share your goodies with me, we all know that I'm a beauty junkie, and she politely told me HECK NO! Rachel, the Will can be changed...
    Can't wait to see pics of you wearing makeup and the spiky wig.
    I love you.

  2. Oh, can't wait to see the new do!!! Hey, with all of these great disguises (no hair, short hair, chin length hair) you can use 3 different coupons at Michael's in ONE day! Limit one per customer per day? Not when she is three different women!

    All silliness aside, I am glad to hear that you are doing well and enjoying your time with Rachel!

  3. Hi Mrs.Sheiman,
    We really miss you and hope you are doing well. I passed my reading test this week and now I am on grade level for the very first time. I have been working very hard on everything. Mrs. Lane even says I am writing my retells better. It is getting so nice out finally and I hope that you will be back to school soon.

  4. Hi Joanne, I hear that things are going well for you. Sorry its taken me so long to figure out this site but now I have and I will be checking it out frequently. Nicholis is really zooming away in school but misses you as well as everyone else. We are thinking of you and praying for you,looking forward to your return.
    Much Love,
    Carolyn Parks

  5. A huge PHEW! Round 2 of Michigan Project is complete. Emma has been plugging away at her research and compilation for a while now and I am glad to say 'it is finished'. We both did a happy dance on Friday afternoon. We learned a lot about MI Turtles! It was both interesting and she just has to clear it with Mrs. Lane to bring her turtle, Psycho, in this week. (grin).